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Virtual Assistants

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Welcome to our newest service offering, Empowering Virtual Assistants - the ultimate solution designed specifically for female entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to the next level.  As a solo entrepreneur, you're familiar with the challenge of juggling multiple roles and the exhaustion that comes from trying to do it all. Whether it's tackling repetitive tasks that consume your precious time or navigating areas outside your expertise, we understand the hurdles you face on the path to growth and scalability.

Empowering VA's is here to change the game.  Our service provides affordable, high-quality assistance tailored to help you grow and scale your business efficiently.  Imagine freeing up your schedule to focus on what truly matters - strategic planning, creativity, and scaling, while a trusted assistant handles the rest.  From administrative tasks, social media management, to customer support and beyond, our virtual assistants are equipped to take on the challenges you no longer want to deal with or feel less skilled at.  

Step into the future of business management with Empowering Virtual Assistants and say goodbye to the pain points of solo entrepreneurship. Let us help you streamline your operations, maximize productivity, and achieve the work-life balance you've been striving for. Welcome to the support system you deserve.

How It All Works

Step 1: Tell us about your job requirements

  You give us the job description such as required skills, desirable skills, working hours, attributes...

Step 2: We shortlist candidates who meet your job description

We make sure they are qualified, and have excellent English speaking skills
We send you a list of resumes at your email address to review

Step 3: You interview the candidates and make a selection

You interview the candidates through Skype.  There is no cost to interview
If you are satisfied with a particular person, you let us know.  If you are not satisfied, we will send you more resumes

Step 4: Hire a Candidate

We give you access to time tracking tools so that you can monitor your Empowering VA in real time
You pre-purchase a block of hours (20hrs minimum) - Most VA's range between $15 to $18 per hour
No minimum hours per month.  Whatever you don't use, rolls over to the next month
 Once your pre-purchased block is finished, we will send you your next invoice
Only 24 hours termination notice required

Step 5: Collaborate with your VA through Skype, email and time tracking tools

Your Empowering VA begins work from home in your time zone
We make sure they have a stable internet connection and necessary tools loaded on their computer
You can communicate with your Empowering VA through Skype, webcam, chat, email and project management tools
You can login into our control panel and see 5 minute computer screen-shots, activity log, internet log...
We monitor daily to ensure your staff is working the required hours, and reporting on time
We support you at all times 24/7

Next Steps

If after reading everything above, you're keen to start the process....please complete the Expression of Interest form below and our EMPOWERING VA's Client Relationship Manager, Jen Arias will be in contact!

We're so excited to be able to assist you to grow and scale your business. Let's do this!

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